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  • Writer's pictureGreg Smith

Autobahn is a fun new song from N-Tension that channels classic 80's power pop/new wave sensibilities!

This trip is takin’ way too long

We shoulda hit the Autobahn

The scenic route is fine when you got the time

But now the moment’s gone


Greg Smith - Songwriter (Music), Producer, Mixing Engineer

Graham Easterly - Songwriter (Lyrics)

Jeff Morris - Guitar

Tony DeNeri - Vocals

  • Writer's pictureGreg Smith

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Radio American is a cynical take on American consumerism and the entertainment business, disguised as a throwback pop-rock anthem. Enjoy!

What do you want...something for nothing?

Someone's gotta pay the man!

Nothing's free, but you can listen to...

Radio American!

Kelly Caviness - Vocals, Drums

Graham Easterly - Lyrics, Music

Tyler Larson - Lead Guitar

Jeff Morris - Guitar

Greg Smith - Music, Guitar, Production

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