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Radio American

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A cynical take on American consumerism and the entertainment business, disguised as a throwback pop-rock anthem.

Written by Graham Easterly and Greg Smith

Kelly Caviness - Vocals, Drums

Graham Easterly - Lyrics, Music

Tyler Larson - Lead Guitar

Jeff Morris - Guitar

Greg Smith - Music, Guitar, Production

Little girl in a brand new car
Top down and singing with her favorite star
She eats American pie with a silver spoon

Competition in the marketplace
Not what you know, but your pretty face
Between the ads and the hype

It's still rock and roll

What do you want
Something for nothing?
Someone's got to pay the man
Nothing's free but you can listen to
Radio American

Johnny got himself a new guitar
Got some dream about going far
Who knows, maybe he'll make it

Dedicate a song to the one you love
Sentimental motives aren't good enough
It's a way to make money for RCA

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