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Silent Fire

A dark tale of cancer stalking it's next victim and the fight for life that ensues.

Written by Tyler Larson and Graham Easterly

Tyler Larson - Concept, Music, Guitar

Graham Easterly - Lyrics, Production

Kelly Caviness - Drums

Jason Breed - Bass

Greg Smith - Guitar, Engineering

I really can’t take all the credit 
Anymore than the sun can
But I take a certain pride in my job
I’m sure you can understand

Apropos of that
Might check that voicemail 
Could explain why lately you feel like hell

It’s the Doc 
He wants to see you on Monday 
Eight o’clock 
And you better bring your Honey

You don’t want to be alone
The first time we meet

I’m a silent fire, I’ll be at your service… 
Wearing red
Through thick and thin I’ll be there till the end
I’m your fat friend
Holding your hand
Til we go to the grave

But don’t worry ‘bout the end at the beginning
You got a whole lot on your plate 
You’ve got stages of grief
You gotta work through
While they poke, prod, and calculate, humiliate ya

Fight fire with fire
Guess that’s the game plan?
Not much better, man 
Than the plan of a caveman

You got to make a choice
Give in or raise your voice
What’s that you say? I can’t hear you

‘Cause silent fire makes too much noise  
Through the din you finally hear my voice
You got no choice
But hold my hand
Til we go to the grave

So you’re gonna fight
That’s super-duper
You’re a real trooper
Let’s see what you got…

You got grit
Heart of a lion
Healthy fear of dyin’
Good, you’re gonna need it

You got no hair
But you got despair
Demons inside, no pride, but you’ve got 
Me by your side, till you no longer have a side

You got your family
I've got a head start
Let’s see if you will live!

How you like those sick tats?
Now they know where to shoot you at
They put the sun in a gun
And shoot through you to get to me

How you like your sick chair?
You know it isn’t even fair
They poison you to poison me
And see if you will live!

(See if you will live!)

Enough already, I can see
You’re serious about ending me
I’m feelin’ small and you’re a husk
You’re really no help at all

You’re one-of-a-kind, just like me
A stitch in the vast tapestry 

We play our role then cease to be
Don’t take it personally 

My design’s to end you quick 
Thin the herd, get on with it
You’re top of the chain with your big brain
So look inside if you look to blame

Go on have your celebration 
I’m not gone just on vacation 
This may not be the last time you
Ring a bell

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